Reliving the best moments through your photo book

Is 2020 your year full of happy memories? Start reliving your favorite moments by making a mysocialbook of picture from Facebook. And if your year has been so crazy that you don't know where to start, here are some tips from the first to the last page to help you design your picture facebook book.

Pick your cover photo

Your souvenir book's cover is the item that will be on display at home so being sure to look after it. The cover is your story's starting point so choose a picture that illustrates your book's theme. If it's a family album give the cover to your favorite group photo. Use the first picture of your child at the front for a baby book that you first published. If you need more ideas to get started, we have a few creative book themes to help you group your images. Here's another piece of advice for your cover design: why not add an extra artistic touch to the cover, why not add a photo mask of the year?

Pick the order from your book

Sorting your photos is, to put it mildly, a difficult task. But if you want to sort your album chronologically and by memory, we have some photo organizing tips to help you organize your files. When the files are in order, they can be stored as a chronology of your year in your picture book. If you don't want your photos to be sorted into chronological order, why not group them by color or theme? You can combine images of similar tones or you can create a section of holiday pictures from your trips abroad.You may even devote portions of your picture book to the people who made outstanding moments of that. Why not group all of your parents 'photos together and then create a new section for your favorite friends' photos?

Can the Beat Root Tongue Drum Go Out of Tune? And If So, How Do You Tune It?

The Beat Root tongue drum is a relatively new percussion instrument on the market. It has quickly gained in popularity due to its unique sound and portability. This drum is made up of a wooden frame, with a rubber membrane stretched over the top. There are several metal tongues that vibrate when you hit them, creating the sound of the drum. The Beat Root Tongue Drum can be tuned by adjusting the tension of the membrane. In this blog post, we will discuss how to tune your Beat Root Tongue [...]

The steel drum as therapy music

The steel drum as therapy music
Many people enjoy listening and playing music that creates them feel uplifted. Various sorts of music invoke different feelings in us: the sound of a harmonica playing on a boardwalk, the melody of a saxophone playing within the terminal , church bells ringing on a Sunday morning, or the serene and relaxing sounds of hang drums on the road of a busy city. The Uniqueness Can cause you to Smile The hang drum, resembling a percussion (steel tongue drum) [...]